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Up until a few years ago, Justin was a highly skilled pipe technician and a team leader within the utilities industry. On the 28th October 2015, the decision to attend to a burst water main with a colleague proved to be one of life or death.

Whilst repairing a burst water main a miscommunication resulted in the mains water being switched on before the job had been completed,and the pressure of the water forced a torque wrench into Justin’s face at circa 80mph. Justin was knocked unconscious and was at the bottom of a hole which was rapidly filling with water.Fortunately he was wearing his hi-vis vest which meant he could be seen underwater, especially as a street light was directly above the hole. Whilst still unconscious his colleague got into the hole and dragged him out, and by chance a local resident who worked for St.Johns Ambulance was able to stabilise him until help arrived.

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Throughout his recovery, Justin set himself no limits on what he could hope to achieve. His career from young barrier man to team leader over 15 years, provided no previous experience of public speaking, and Justin pushes himself far outside his comfort zone at every event. Justin now travels the country, sharing his story with industry colleagues and acting as an inspirational champion for workplace safety. He is also a safety coach, mentoring apprentices and graduate trainees. Justin delivers a very strong and emotional presentation that leaves a lasting impression.

Workplace Saftey

Every individual deserves to work in a safe, secure, and risk-assessed environment knowing everything has been done to protect their welfare

Preparing For The Unexpected

It has taken my accident to really make me realize that we make decisions before we think of the consequences.

Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing is not a subject that is commonly talked about, Justin dives into the world of mental state in the workplace and how this can play its part

Cultural Development

Cultural development refers to the strategic planning and implementing of strategies to leverage  your community’s unique cultural assets

My Story

With each presentation or service, my story is a big part of the speech. Click the link below for a more in-depth taster of the things I have experienced

Performance Coaching

Is a series of techniques aiming to bring about continuous improvement in an individual. Its a feedback mechanism between me the coach and students


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Banbury United are delighted to welcome Titanium Talks, as Red and Gold Sponsors. The Owner and Director of the Company is lifelong Banbury fan Justin Manley.
Banbury United’s Sponsor Liaison Officer, Mark Allitt, commented on the Titanium Talks Limited sponsorship deal and said: – “I’m absolutely delighted that Titanium Talks Limited have become part of our Red & Gold Sponsor Group. Justin has been a fan for many years and used to attend matches with his late father. I know it means a lot to him personally to sponsor the club. Justin has a real inspirational story and has built a fantastic business, so to have him and his family alongside us as we move into a new era is really good news. On behalf of the Club I would like to thank Justin for his support”

I wanted to thank you and the whole team for the successful quick delivery of some really powerful safety messages. I can honestly say in 29 years, I've never seen so many engaged and emotionally moved grown front-line men and ladies; this really did make us all think... it reinforced to me the power of the guys on the ground being involved in the delivery of our safety messages... "you could truly see the teams respecting him for what he's been through and the messages he was delivering to them, for her benefit

David Ward,
IMR Director and Head of Water Networks, Anglian Water
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